A recent study performed by Michigan State University suggests that the younger a person is married and divorced, the more hurt they are by the lasting effects. The study’s author, sociology professor Dr. Hui Lui said that couples who end their marriage later in life are more prepared and able to deal with the major amount of stress and difficulties of divorce due to their older age.

The study focused on analyzing over 1,200 participants for nearly 15 years regarding their long-term health status, which was measured by examining length of marriage and the gap between marriage and divorce. Shocking to researchers, the study presented the idea that couples married and divorced at a younger age actually reported more serious health problems after divorce than those couples who choose to end their marriage well into their 50’s.

When asked about the results of the study, Lui suggested that because the pressures of older couples to stay married are so great that when a divorce is finalized, the parties actually feel a sense of relief and less stress than they felt when they were married. The study also confirmed that those transitioning from marriage to divorce commonly saw a more immediate health decline than couples who stayed married.

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