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    Michigan PPO Attorney

    Our Michigan lawyers offer legal advice to protect those in need

    Deciding to file a Personal Protection Order can be a huge decision and one where time is of the essence. In Michigan, there are currently two categorical PPO’s that one may file which ultimately depends on the relationship of the petitioner to the respondent and require the knowledge of an attorney to be present. The lawyers of Michigan Divorce Attorneys can assist you in understanding and selecting the Personal Protection Order that best suits your needs.

     Domestic Relationship PPO

    A Domestic Relationship PPO generally applies if the respondent is a current or former spouse, lives with or has lived with the petitioner, has children with the person filing, or is currently dating or has had a past relationship with the respondent.

    Non-Domestic Stalking PPO

    A Non-Domestic Stalking PPO can be issued to a respondent to protect the petitioner from stalking no matter what the relationship. The court defines stalking as the following:

    Like all aspects of the law, it is necessary contact an experienced lawyer to take action sooner rather than later, especially if your safety could be at risk. Our Michigan Divorce Attorneys will aid you through every step of the process and make sure that your case is presented in the most effective way.  Talking with an experienced attorney about your case is the first step in achieving your desired outcome.

    If you are interested in learning more about Michigan’s Personal Protection Orders and are in the Macomb county region, please contact the family lawyers of Michigan Divorce Attorneys today. Whether you would like to request more information regarding how to file for a PPO, or wish to appeal a PPO filed against you, the attorneys at our law firm are waiting for your call.

    Our Michigan Divorce Attorneys are proud to provide legal assistance to those in need regarding their family law needs.

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