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    MI Military Spousal Support

    Choosing to serve our country brings a sense of pride that will last military families a lifetime. However, going through a divorce as a service member or as a spouse of a service member can hinder that pride, and make for a difficult time for all parties involved. Our Michigan Divorce Attorneys and Spousal Support attorneys recognize your need for help, and will always assist you in a respectful and timely manner that allows you to move forward to the exceptional future that you deserve.

    As an active service member or spouse of a service member, there are decided upon laws that govern you specifically to ensure that your rights are protected during a divorce. It is best to speak with an experienced Michigan military lawyer regarding your unique case and options.

    Did you know…

    At Michigan Divorce Attorneys law firm, our attorneys have been representing military clients for nearly 25 years in regards to spousal support, and our keen sense of knowledge and ability to offer legal advice specific to the armed forces is what allows us to have continued success.

    It is crucial to remember that it is best to speak with an experienced military family law attorney before moving forward alone in your divorce case. Our seasoned lawyers are able to guide you through the entire process while effectively communicating with you about the details of your unique case.  Choosing representation by our knowledgeable professionals has the potential to affect the outcome of your case in the most positive light.

    If you or someone you know is considering divorce in the Wayne County area, please contact our law offices today to speak with a seasoned lawyer and receive the proper legal help that you deserve. You may contact an attorney 24 hours a day at (248) 930-9017 or (866) 666-2889 (toll-free). Our lawyers look forward to hearing from you.

    For a free phone consultation, contact a Michigan Military Spousal Support Attorney and Family Law specialist at (866) 666-2889.
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