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    Michigan Military Child Custody Attorney

    Courthouse with PillarsWhen children are included in any divorce, determining an appropriate custody arrangement is never an easy task. Always an area of concern for all parties involved, it’s important to remember that the commitment a parent makes to their child does not end with a military divorce. Even though custody arrangements can often lead to stress and unwanted anxiety, our Michigan Divorce Attorneys know how to provide tailored expert advice to all of our clients.

    When it comes to determining custody for a child, there are multiple aspects that a judge will consider before finalizing an agreement, which requires the assistance of an experienced child attorney. The following items are taken into close consideration:

    Because of you or your spouse’s military status, there are certain laws in place that can affect your case differently than a civilian divorce, which needs to be explained by an attorney at law, for example:

    Our team of knowledgeable lawyers understands how important family is to you, and our attorneys want to continue to fight for what is most dire to you by providing elite legal help. After choosing to allow a lawyer at our law office to represent you, you will be content in knowing that we will always explain the proceedings that go along with determining the custody of a child in great detail to make sure that you are aware and understand every aspect of your military child custody arrangement. Our lawyers are able to provide services in the Oakland County, Wayne County, Washtenaw County, and Macomb County areas.

    Please, contact our Michigan Divorce Attorneys today to begin speaking with an attorney that will carefully guide your case in the right direction. Call us at (248) 930-9017 or (866) 666-2889 (toll-free).

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