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    Michigan Child Support Attorneys

    Our lawyers of Michigan Divorce Attorneys has over 25 years of experience relating to Michigan family law, and we know that the proceedings following a divorce can often become messy and make for difficult times. The decision to request child support payments on behalf of both parties is one that needs the attention, MI legal advice , and help of a seasoned and expert Michigan family law attorney.

    Child Support Lawyer in Michigan

    How A Child Support Michigan Attorney Can Help

    You may be wondering how exactly courts determine an adequate child support payment, and who will be responsible for it. In Michigan, courts examine the following to devise an award amount:

    Michigan Divorce Issues

    As with all things, time is of the essence when dealing with a divorce or Michigan child support arrangement. Our team of expert attorneys can assist you every step of the way, and are waiting to speak with you. It is true that the very beginning steps are the most important in a divorce, which is why you need to be represented by a professional Michigan child support lawyer who will always look after your rights. Each experienced Michigan child support attorney at our office is well versed in the following aspects of divorce:

    Michigan Child Custody & Parenting Time

    Many times, parents do not feel that the opposite parent is paying enough support, or vice versa. Though it is difficult to petition the court without presenting proper documentation, it is possible to have child support payments reduced or increased depending on the situation. As always, this requires the expert knowledge of our Oakland , Wayne , Washtenaw and Macomb County Michigan Divorce Attorneys. Our every Michigan child support lawyer understands that times are difficult, and in this economy the addition of a new routine payment may not be ideal.

    Michigan Alimony & Spousal Support

    With today’s economy, the thought of having to take on additional payments after settling your divorce case can be a hard pill to swallow for anyone. The need to provide support to an ex-spouse has many determining factors that come into play before a judge will decide upon an award amount. Discussing your options with an experienced Michigan alimony and spousal support lawyer will allow you to feel a sense of relief in knowing that your case rests in good hands. To speak with a knowledgeable Michigan alimony and spousal support lawyer, contact our law office today.

    Michigan Property & Asset Division

    When it comes to handling a divorce or child support matter, often time’s parties think that all assets will be divided 50-50. While that is sometimes the case, Michigan’s standard for property and asset division states that all allocation will be fair and equitable. Determining what is fair and equitable requires the assistance of an experienced Michigan military divorce attorney at your side, as many factors will come into play, such as age, health, contribution to marital estate, earning capability, and many more. Discussing your payment options with a knowledgeable Michigan divorce lawyer is always in your best interest.

    Child Support Michigan Attorney

    Determining an adequate child support payment during a divorce can sometimes cause stress and uncertainty. In short, child support is the amount of money that a judge orders the non-custodial parent to pay to the custodial parent each month. This money is often used to provide necessary healthcare, food, and clothes. Our every experienced Michigan child support attorney is well versed in handling every aspect of child support law and are able to assist you with establishing a monthly payment and also modifying a current arrangement.

    Did you know…

    In Michigan, there is a reputable presumption that any child born to the mother during a marriage is the child of both parties to the marriage.

    Speak With a Child Support Michigan Lawyer Today

    If you are looking for a well-practiced Michigan child support attorney and need help with child support issues, it is critical to contact our Michigan family law firm today to discuss how we can be of service to you. To speak with a Michigan child support lawyer by phone, please call us 24 hours a day at (248) 930-9017 or (866) 666-2889 for your free legal consultation. Our best Macomb County divorce attorneys are waiting to be of service to you.

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